Donut Goat 🍩  🐐   is a roving clown-punk band. Performances include, but are not limited to music, audience driven Clown interactions,out door festivals,  full scale arena rock events and national tours.

Emoji art supplied by  EmojiOne

Emoji art supplied by EmojiOne

The Normans

The Normans is dark comedy show combining clown and performance art satirizing the 1% and the very human need to be on top. What is the relationship like in a super power couple? Find out when you visit the Normans in their high-rise buildings towering above the rest of us. 

The King of America

The King of America is peek inside the life of a mad king and even madder kingdom. What happens when your leader is a fool? This show is a dark satire of the mindset responsible for an idiot king. Written in 2008, this performance has become an eerie premonition for todays events.



Join Flog and Plotz as they adventure in a fantasy world where giant creme filled eggs fall from the sky! Witness beheadings, cross dressings, magic, mayhem and more . This Clown duet inspired by the sacred clowns of the Hopi and Zuni tribes of the American Southwest, satirize the  war, competition, and over consumption that pushes nature out of balance. KAPOOT has toured the U.S. coast to coast since 1998.